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Ezekiel J. Walker

Ezekiel J. Walker's latest book, Black As I Wanna Be revisits the most recent recurring murders by way of police brutality and what revolutionary changes are needed to make a difference to the institutional controls that have shackled African Americans for centuries. Walker continues to collaborate with scholars, community activists, and artists to help bring forth solutions to the problems plaguing our community.

During the summer of 2014, Walker released The Madea Factory, an insightful book that challenged the works of one of America's most popular and successful entertainment moguls, Tyler Perry, and his popular "Madea" character. Walker also created a documentary which visually illustrates the many instances of historically negative caricatures and stereotypical portrayals of African Americans as it relates to the Madea character. Check it out in the "Freebies" section.

In December of 2010, Walker published his first title, Reminiscent of a Familiar Face, which provided commentary on many of the challenges faced by today's modern black man and woman and how best to confront those things without becoming victim to them. Interviews featured in the book include world-renowned poet Nikki Giovanni, author Terrie M. Williams, researcher Dr. Richard Lapchick, along with others who provide their unique perspective and expertise.

Walker has dedicated his time, energy, and efforts to ensure his works present a comprehensive and balanced foundation for thinking outside of the societal traditions and barriers and by providing this unfiltered and pragmatic approach to discussing today’s most pressing social issues, he has made a name for himself as a credible, well-researched, and relatable figure to readers coast to coast.